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    Check out These Great Resource Links From Captain Citrus

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Do you want to learn more about the exciting activities and teacher resources discussed in our recent blogs? You can find more information by visiting the following websites or by contacting Florida Citrus today at (813) 379-2736!

    • Get more tips that you can use to teach your students the importance of clean hands on this page from
    • Find more fun activities to incorporate into your lesson plans when celebrating National Dictionary Day on this page from
    • Show your students this healthy food rap from Florida Citrus to inspire healthier eating habits.
    • Check out this handy reminder from for more information about the amazing lesson plans that will be hitting your school mailbox this year!

    Take a Break From the Normal Routine and Teach Your Kids About Healthy Eating With This Rap

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Healthy eating habits can help students maintain more energy and experience more productivity and success in school. Teaching your students about the importance of eating the right amounts of the best foods will give them the tools they need to make healthy choices.

    You can use this fun and interactive rap from Florida Citrus to help your students learn about the benefits of eating citrus fruits. In this video, Captain Citrus and his friends rap about how tasty and nutritious fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines are and why they make the perfect morning fuel!

    Your students are sure to be engaged by this rap, making it easier for them to remember the important lessons that Captain Citrus teaches. Find more teacher resources by contacting Florida Citrus today at (813) 379-2736.

    Celebrating National Punctuation Day in Your Classroom

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Punctuation is one of many essential lessons you teach your students every year. This topic is so essential to the elementary school curriculum that there is even a day dedicated to celebrating it—September 24th! You can give your students a better understanding of the importance of proper punctuation by celebrating National Punctuation Day with some of these great activities:

    • Punctuation Scramble. Provide each student with a smock or other piece of fabric that can be worn as a vest. Instruct them to use markers or paint to draw a different punctuation mark on each vest. Write words or sentences on the board that have missing punctuation marks and then ask each student to stand by the sentence that he or she thinks needs the punctuation mark that he or she is wearing.
    • Punctuation Bakery. Bring in some low-fat cookies or muffins as well as frosting, peanut butter, or jam. Instruct students to use the spreads to create punctuation marks on top of each pastry. Place a large piece of paper featuring sentences with missing or incorrect punctuation marks on a table and have students correct each sentence using the proper punctuation pastry.
    • Punctuation Everywhere. Take pictures of signs or documents that feature incorrect uses of punctuation marks. Place these pictures around the classroom and other areas of the school if possible. Give each student a piece of paper with numbered blank spaces that correspond with the numbers on each picture. Tell your students to find all of the pictures and write down their corrections.
    • Punctuation Showdown. Split your class into two teams. During each round, you will read a sentence out loud. The teams will then have to pick one member to go up to the board and write down the sentence using proper punctuation. Whichever student writes the sentence properly first gets a point for his or her team. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

    Your students are sure to love these fun punctuation games and activities! Find even more helpful teacher resources and elementary school lesson plans by checking out the Florida Citrus website or calling us at (813) 379-2736.

    Teaching National Clean Hands Week to Your Students

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Every school year provides a new opportunity to teach students fresh and exciting lessons. This school year, you can also take some time to go over past lessons that still play an important role in the lives of your students. September 18th marks the start of National Clean Hands Week, providing the perfect opportunity to teach your students the importance of cleanliness. Use these teacher resources to help you during National Clean Hands Week:

    • Teach students how to properly wash hands. Start celebrating National Clean Hands Week by showing students the right way to wash their hands after eating, playing, going to the restroom, or doing other activities that might get their hands dirty. Demonstrate how to use the faucets to get warm water before wetting hands and using soap to create lather. Teach students to wash their hands for approximately 20 seconds before rinsing thoroughly with warm water.
    • Present activities that illustrate why hand-washing is so important. Teaching children about the benefits of washing their hands regularly will help them incorporate their healthy habits into their daily lives. You can do this with activities that demonstrate how hand-washing removes germs that can easily be transferred and make students sick. Find books that discuss the importance of removing germs or play games that help children understand how germs spread and how washing their hands can help keep all students safer and healthier.
    • Keep hand-washing supplies in full stock around the room. After teaching your students about the importance of thoroughly washing their hands after certain activities, you can help them put their skills to work by making sure they have access to hand-washing supplies. Keep antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer in the classroom, as well as lotion to help children avoid cracked or dry skin. You should also keep plenty of tissues in the classroom and teach students how to sneeze and cough into either a tissue or their elbow to avoid spreading germs.

    These activities can be incorporated into your elementary school lesson plans to help students gain a better understanding of their own health and safety. You can get more tips by contacting Florida Citrus today at (813) 379-2736.

    Are you Looking for New Ideas for Your Classroom? Check out the Links Below for Great Information

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Do you want more ideas for your classroom bulletin board? Are you looking for healthy snack recipes to share with students? You can find more information about these topics by visiting the following websites!

    • Head over to this page from for ideas you can try out on your classroom’s bulletin board.
    • You can use the “dream snack machine” printout on this page from to make learning about nutrition fun for students.
    • If you have computers in your classroom, you can guide students through fun and exciting nutrition lessons on
    • Are you looking for a tasty and healthy snack for students to enjoy during snack time? Try this nut butter-fly recipe from!

    Florida Citrus can provide even more teacher resources to use throughout the school year. Learn more by calling us today at (813) 379-2736!

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