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From the Grove to Your Home: The Journey of an Orange Part I

Last updated 6 years ago

Who doesn’t love orange juice? This beloved beverage contains vitamins and minerals that we need to stay strong and healthy! Here in Florida, we produce some of the best oranges in America, which is why we know a thing or two about making orange juice. Let’s take a look at the journey of the magnificent orange:

  • Oranges start their journey like many other fruits—on a tree. Florida citrus trees are well-known for producing incredibly juicy and delicious oranges. That’s because Florida has the ideal climate for growing these wonderful fruits. Florida typically experiences warm and sunny weather, providing the ideal atmosphere. Our state also has the correct amount of rainfall and sandy soil to help citrus trees grow. Florida’s humid climate allows fruit to grow larger, while the combination of warm days and cool nights allows for flavors and colors to develop perfectly!
  • Because of these ideal conditions, we’re able to grow a wide variety of citrus fruits in Florida. With 569,000 acres being used to grow 74 million orange and grapefruit trees, it’s no wonder we get to experience so many different types of fresh citrus! Navel oranges are easy to peel and offer a great taste. Valencia oranges are almost always used for juice because their juice has a beautiful orange color.

Orange trees are grown in blocks of land called groves to promote healthy development. After five years, orange trees bear enough fruit to be picked for commercial use, such as selling at the supermarket or squeezing into juice.

You can learn more about the journey of an orange by contacting the Florida Citrus team. We want to spread the word on the many benefits of citrus, helping Florida residents of all ages! Visit us online or call us today at (863) 578-4057.


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