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From the Grove to Your Home: The Journey of an Orange Part III

Last updated 6 years ago

Now that we know how oranges make their way from the grove to the packinghouses, it’s time to learn more about the oranges that are used to make orange juice. More than 90% of Florida’s oranges are grown for orange juice. Let’s learn more about how oranges get from the grove to the carton:

  • Oranges are sent to processing plants where they are first inspected to remove any bad oranges. Next, they are washed and rinsed. The oranges then receive a grading before moving on to a conveyor belt. From here, oranges are sent to a juicing machine. The juice goes through a filtering device to remove pulp and seeds. Orange juice can then be pasteurized or frozen. Then the juice is sent to a blending tank to perfect the level of sweetness. It is then heated (pasteurized) to kill bacteria and chilled, or heated and concentrated in evaporators.
  • Because there are so many steps involved in turning oranges into orange juice, it’s no wonder that there are so many different employees! Scientists run tests to make sure the oranges are healthy and sweet. Inspectors carefully check the oranges for any signs of damage. Then testers make sure the juice tastes great.
  • Once the orange juice is pasteurized, it’s put in specially made storage tanks. Then the product is packaged into carafes, cartons or single serve sizes, placed on pallets, and shipped to stores. Truck drivers are responsible for transporting the ready-to-buy orange juice from the plant to the store. Storeowners make sure to keep their refrigerators between 45 and 48 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the juice fresh. Juice remains refrigerated so families like yours can buy it during their next shopping trip!

Now that you know how oranges get from the grove to your home, you can learn even more by checking out the information here at Florida Citrus! We want to help everyone understand the numerous benefits of fresh Florida orange juice. Call us today at (863) 578-4057 to learn more!


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