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Celebrating National Punctuation Day in Your Classroom

Last updated 6 years ago

Punctuation is one of many essential lessons you teach your students every year. This topic is so essential to the elementary school curriculum that there is even a day dedicated to celebrating it—September 24th! You can give your students a better understanding of the importance of proper punctuation by celebrating National Punctuation Day with some of these great activities:

  • Punctuation Scramble. Provide each student with a smock or other piece of fabric that can be worn as a vest. Instruct them to use markers or paint to draw a different punctuation mark on each vest. Write words or sentences on the board that have missing punctuation marks and then ask each student to stand by the sentence that he or she thinks needs the punctuation mark that he or she is wearing.
  • Punctuation Bakery. Bring in some low-fat cookies or muffins as well as frosting, peanut butter, or jam. Instruct students to use the spreads to create punctuation marks on top of each pastry. Place a large piece of paper featuring sentences with missing or incorrect punctuation marks on a table and have students correct each sentence using the proper punctuation pastry.
  • Punctuation Everywhere. Take pictures of signs or documents that feature incorrect uses of punctuation marks. Place these pictures around the classroom and other areas of the school if possible. Give each student a piece of paper with numbered blank spaces that correspond with the numbers on each picture. Tell your students to find all of the pictures and write down their corrections.
  • Punctuation Showdown. Split your class into two teams. During each round, you will read a sentence out loud. The teams will then have to pick one member to go up to the board and write down the sentence using proper punctuation. Whichever student writes the sentence properly first gets a point for his or her team. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Your students are sure to love these fun punctuation games and activities! Find even more helpful teacher resources and elementary school lesson plans by checking out the Florida Citrus website or calling us at (813) 379-2736.


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